Soccer Sensory Kit

Soccer Sensory Kit

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Calm and Wonder awaits with our Bumblebee Sensory Kit. This kit contains 13 fidget tools designed to calm anxiety, improve focus and foster wonder. 

Kit includes: 

  • Soccer Field Popper (x1)
  • Soccer Ball Popper (x1)
  • Mesh marble (x2)
  • Magic Ball (x1)
  • Tangle Fidget - varying colours (x1)
  • Spikey Balls - varying colours (x3)
  • Flippy Chain (x1)
  • Fidget Pad (x1)
  • Snake Fidget - varying colours (x2)


  • Suited for Age 3+
  • Only to be used under adult supervision
  • Please note the drawstring bag is not a toy and should only be used to store your fidget tools in